Why You Should Offer Free Consultation Calls

Want to know the top “tried and true” method to landing your dream clients?It’s simple.Offer free consultation calls.Here’s why. Very rarely will someone hire you as their virtual assistant – especially if your VA services are priced on the higher end – without first...

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Invest in Yourself for Greater Success

Often times home business owners forget about one of the most important aspects in having a successful business...Themselves.Virtual Assistants wear so many hats that they forget that they need to eat right, exercise, have fun, get more training and more. It’s easy to...

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Marketing Tips for Virtual Assistants

As a Virtual Assistant you need to continuously market your business. There is a saying for all businesses and it is 'always be marketing'. Even if you think you have enough clients or customers, you might not a month of two from now, and the marketing you do today...

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Why You Need a Self-Hosted WordPress Website

I always recommended that you use self-hosted WordPress for your Virtual Assistant website, or for any website you create. WordPress.org (self-hosted) is a lot different than WordPress.com. Although WordPress.com runs on the power of the WordPress platform, it's not...

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10 Awesome Apps for Virtual Assistants

Using mobile apps can help you with your Virtual Assistant business and your day-to-day life. You can practically run your entire business from your phone or iPad. Apps can save you time and also help run your business while you are on the go. You can do just about anything with apps; manage social media, receive money, edit documents and even workout.

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How to Research and Find Your Niche

If you have a niche you will have a much easier time marketing your Virtual Assistant business. It will be easier for you to set your rates and know who your target audience is. A lot of times VAs get stuck on finding their niche. Here's how you can determine your...

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