Recommended Virtual Assistant Training Resources

The web is jam-packed with training programs claiming to turn you into a 6-figure Virtual Assistant. But don’t hit that “Sign Up” button just yet. Scams are lurking online like weeds in a garden, and you don’t want to get tangled up in them.

I’ve been in the VA business since 2009 and I can tell you, it pays to be cautious. Always check reviews and get feedback from other VAs before making a decision on any training program.

Here are the programs I’ve tested and recommend for Virtual Assistants…

Proactive Blueprint Library

Just imagine… a digital vault jam-packed with top-notch resources that are like your own personal VA toolkit. We’re talking time-saving, efficiency-boosting, and success-catalyzing material here. Why start from scratch when you can use my tried-and-true templates? Whether you’re planning a killer marketing campaign, hosting an engaging webinar, or managing your clients like a pro, these templates are your fast pass to excellence.

But hold on, there’s more! It’s not just about templates. I’ve got checklists that are so thorough, they’re like your own personal assistant. Forget those nights staring at the ceiling, worrying you’ve missed something big. These checklists are your roadmap to making sure every little detail is taken care of.

Learn more about my Proactive Blueprint Library here.

Virtual Assistant Career Success System

If you’re new to the VA scene or just looking for a solid structure to kickstart your business, let me introduce you to the VAC, the Virtual Assistant Career Success System. Think of it as your all-in-one starter kit for VA success. Yep, it even includes a website to make your online presence felt!

The brains behind this gem? None other than Tawnya, a VA industry pioneer since 2003. She’s got the know-how and the experience to give you the best tools for your VA journey. So, if you’re on the fence, trust me, take a closer look at the VAC.

Worried about the initial cost? Don’t be. When you break it down, the value you’re getting makes it a no-brainer. Got questions? Feel free to hit me up, or reach out to Tawnya directly. Just tell her Danielle sent you, and you’ll be in great hands!

Here is some of what you get in the system:

  • Virtual Assistant Start Up Training System from an industry leader (priceless, in my opinion)
  • Membership to the Get Clients Club, plus a lifetime discount to the club.
  • A website/blog for your Virtual Assistant Business with hosting
  • Lifetime access to the private VAC members-only forum area
  • Private coaching session with Tawnya
  • and more

Learn more about the VAC System here.

Get Clients Club

The Get Clients Club is a one-stop shop for VAs, whether you’re a newbie or a seasoned pro. The resources? Oh, they’re endless!

Here’s some of what you get with your membership:

  • Access to the RFP job board (where I’ve found most of my clients, by the way!)
  • Handy training videos
  • Business templates that are as good as gold
  • Group coaching sessions
  • Get-it-Done workshops to boost your productivity
  • An exclusive private forum for networking and Q&A

Now, let me spill the beans on the forum. This private networking area is like the VIP lounge of VA expertise. I’m there often, asking questions and swapping tips with other top-notch VAs. It’s a resource you won’t want to overlook.

There’s more to love about being a Get Clients Club member. You also get exclusive discounts on Tawnya’s other programs. And it doesn’t stop there. She is always on the lookout for other cool perks and deals across the web that can benefit you. As a club member, you get access to those discounts too. So, it’s not just about saving on in-house offerings; it’s about getting value wherever Tawnya finds it. If you’re all in for making your VA business shine, joining this club is a savvy move.

Learn more about the Get Clients Club here.

VAvirtuosos Summit

Let’s talk about the Virtual Assistant Virtuosos Summit. This is an annual virtual conference that’s a must-attend in my book. I not only show up every year, but I also help host it. Trust me, even if I weren’t hosting, I’d be there

The basic attendance is free, but let me give you a pro tip: go for the VIP membership. Why? You’ll get the webinar recordings, PowerPoint notes, a group coaching call, and a swag bag that’s packed with awesome stuff. Plus, VIP status puts you in the race for some really cool prizes.

Learn more about the VAvirtuosos Summit here.

So, that wraps up my top recommended training programs for now. There’s a lot out there, and if you’ve got questions about any of them, don’t hesitate to hit me up. I’m here to guide you in making the best choices for your VA career.

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