Hello and thanks for stopping by! A little bit about me and this site…

I started my Virtual Assistant business, ProactiveVA in 2010. I provide online support services to various businesses and entrepreneurs. I have been dating an Air Force pilot for four years and have been able to take my business anywhere that we need or want to go.

I created MilitaryVirtualAssistants.com because I’ve always thought that Virtual Assistance would be a great career for military spouses. I really wanted to help spread the word and also help spouses start up their own VA business.

Military spouses often ask me how I started my business and what it takes to be a VA. So that is what really inspired me to create this site.

I will never have to search for a new job at a new location anytime we move. I’m able to take my business with me wherever I go, whether it’s for a 2-week training trip or year-long mission. 

Being a VA is also great for someone that likes to travel, which I do. I’m able to see some fabulous places and work from anywhere. All I need is my Macbook Pro and internet connection.

A Virtual Assistant business is a great career for any military spouse.

Thanks for stopping by and if you have any questions feel free to reach out to me.

– Danielle



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