Why You Shouldn’t Be Afraid to Fire Clients

It's important to provide top of the line customer service to clients, and I take pride in doing so. Sometimes you can go a little too far and get taken for granted. Some clients expect too much for too little. If you find yourself laying in bed at night thinking...

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How to Find Clients Locally

Virtual Assistants spend so much time marketing their business online that they forget that you can also find clients locally.  Here's five ways you can find clients locally Women's Business Clubs If you are a woman there are usually local women's clubs that are...

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Why You Should Back Up Your Data

When you run an online business such as a Virtual Assistant business, it's imperative that you back it up consistently. You could lose everything you've worked so hard for in a matter of seconds. Why risk it when it's so simple to backup and save your business? ...

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How to Charge What You’re Worth

One of the hardest things to do as a Virtual Assistant is figuring out what to charge for your services. What you should focus on when deciding on your pricing is the perceived value that you offer to clients. Increase Your Perceived Value You can increase your...

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How to Make Your Clients Feel Special

One of the best things you can do as a business owner is to realize that your clients are the reason that you're in business. Every business owner starts their business with a certain client base in mind that they want to serve. It doesn't matter what type of business...

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Why You Should Offer Free Consultation Calls

Want to know the top “tried and true” method to landing your dream clients?It’s simple.Offer free consultation calls.Here’s why. Very rarely will someone hire you as their virtual assistant – especially if your VA services are priced on the higher end – without first...

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