Setting up Your Virtual Assistant Website


Guide to setting up your Virtual Assistant website



The center of your online marketing efforts is your business website. This is true whether you are marketing a product or a service. As a Virtual Assistant, it’s imperative that you create a website that gives your prospect clients the information they need to make a decision to go the next step whether that’s purchasing your services or joining your email list to get more information. Everything starts and ends with your website. It’s the center of all your marketing activities.

In this package we will discuss…

  • Top Reasons Why Your Website is Important
  • Why You Need Self-Hosted WordPress
  • Website Tools That Make It Easy
  • Why You Must Build a Mailing List
  • Important Elements for Your Virtual Assistant Business Website
  • Pages to Include on Your Website
  • Tips for Writing Effective Copy
  • The Importance of Landing Pages
  • Getting the Word Out
  • Top Things to Keep Off Your Website

* Bonus: 50 Things Your Website Needs
* Bonus: Website Creation Checklist



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